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BAXTERS produce some exceptional quality boots at amazing bargain prices.

Australian made elastic sided boots are world famous especially within the horse riding community with 'jodhpur' style boots such as RM Williams ® fetching premium prices in specialist stores all around the globe.
They are rightly famous for their long life, toughness with style and 'craftsman made' attention to detail.
In Australia this versatile style of boot is just as often found pounding the concrete of city streets, pushing down the pedal of a BMW, or kicking up the dust at an outback Aussie cattle property as it is sitting comfortably in the stirrups at an equestrian event.  They speak volumes about the wearer and their discernment.
Happy customers pay many hundreds of dollars for a pair knowing they are getting true quality.   BUT...there is an alternative and you need to know about it!
Baxter Boots made superb quality boots from 1850 in their small factory  in the Aussie country town of Goulburn.  They are something of an Aussie secret and only known to a lucky few outside Australia but their many devotees 'Down Under' are unshakable in their love of these legendary quality, long lasting, and comfortable boots.  
Why? Because Baxters insist on making their dress boots with soft, supple, premium grade full-grain leather.   They feel like 'gloves for your feet'.   

Baxter Boots prides itself on old-time quality standards and still expect their boots to perform just as their founder, Henry Baxter, insisted – with tough quality and fine attention to detail.


Baxter dress boots are still made with traditional fully welted soles (unless stated otherwise) to ensure a long life without risk of soles separating.   This is a laborious but crucial process for absolute top quality footwear.   
And, unlike many other brands, most Baxter soles are fully repairable thereby lengthening their already long lives.  (Note: Soles shown as 'unwelted' are not suitable for repair). 


Their staying power is the stuff of outback legends.  There aren't too many shoe stores in the Aussie Outback so you need something that will go the distance!


To keep these iconic boots affordable to the average buyer, Baxters are now made overseas but to exactly the same standards and care. All Baxter boots must pass exacting Quality Inspection prior to release.  You know you are buying quality with a Baxter.
Because they are a 'down to earth' traditional company, Baxters have not been surrounded by the slick marketing machines of some other brands so they don't yet sell at inflated prices so represent incredible value for money.


Baxters are not 'cheap' - they're absolute bargains!


PLEASE NOTE: Baxter dress boots use 'genuine' half sizes which are half way between the nearest full size in both length and width. They do not offer different width fittings but some styles are wider than others. Unless stated they are usually about a D (or medium) fitting.


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