Some background information

Blundstones, founded on the Australian island of Tasmania in 1870 by migrants from England, are one of Australia's oldest and most reputable companies.  

They have been 'ahead of the pack' for many years - James Cuthbertson, a past owner of the Blundstone company, is claimed by some to have been the inventor of the elastic sided boot in the late nineteenth century!


In Australia, for over 130 years, Blundstone Boots have been the chosen footwear of farmers, miners, tradespeople, construction workers, 'truckies', factory workers, all manner of 'outback' types - in fact anyone who needed a solid, safe and long lasting boot in difficult conditions. 

Now the rest of the world is sitting up and taking notice and adopting these tough boots for an even greater variety of purposes!

There can be little doubt that Blundstones have led the way in the current global popularity of the elastic sided (and lace up) work and dress boot styles which are now produced by a number of excellent Australian boot makers.

They are worn worldwide today by men, women, boys and girls. They look great, feel great, are as 'tough as nails.'  


Blundstones and their Aussie competitors have earned acclaim for the strength and long life of their products, whether they be work boots, hiking boots, dress boots (sometimes called 'chelsea boots'), paddock boots, riding boots, farm boots or just general purpose any occasion boots. 


They are such an Aussie icon that they are even in the collection of one of Australia's top museums - the Sydney Powerhouse Museum - where the 505 style (the immediate predecessor to the 500) is kept - see link.

The boots I sell are very, very tough but still cool and sexy! 


They have to be tough to continue to satisfy their traditional 'Outback Aussie' customers and they have to look good to appeal to the new converts to this great and practical style of footwear around the world.


Nowadays, they are made by the latest high tech processes and with the most modern of weight saving, comfort enhancing features. 


The 'Tap Dogs' tap dancing troupe have wowed audiences worldwide with their amazing gutsy Blundstone tap boot routines and Blundstone boots adapted for tap dancing were part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.


Many celebrities, such as Russell Crowe, Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Jay Leno, Helen Hunt, Danny Glover, Kim Bassinger, Alec Baldwin, and Iggy Pop have been seen in their Blunnies as have countless thousands of so-called 'ordinary' people worldwide who know and appreciate quality and value for money....people who now have contented feet!


You'll discover Blundstones in cities, villages, shops, schools, penthouses, farms, bars, cafes, construction sites, trucks, limos, tractors and sportscars. You'll see them in the sun, rain, snow, mud, dust, floods and droughts. I've seen people sleep in them and I've sold boots to people getting married in them (and it's sad but true that they outlast a lot of marriages)!


You can even go paragliding in them - see  the video.

Blundstone boots have oil, fat and acid resistant injection molded soles with no stitching or glue to come undone where the sole and the upper come together. They feature the best quality leather which provides great protection in conditions tougher than most of us will ever subject our boots to. They have high performance treads and the many styles have the latest anatomically designed features for superb comfort.


With success comes competition, though, and, with the availability of lower cost manufacturing overseas, Blundstones have struggled to remain profitable with manufacturing in Australia.  Also. production levels in the old Tasmanian factory were struggling to keep up with the huge demand - often causing long and frustrating supply delays for customers. 


Therefore, in 2007, the move was made to start producing Blundstone boots at new overseas production facilities.   In typically thorough Blundstone fashion the Australian lasts and some of the machinery that ensured quality over the years was moved to these new factories and a very strict quality control process was instituted.  The boots being produced in these overseas plants are every bit as good as the old Aussie made product.  Blundstones know that their reputation for quality can never be compromised!


There's really only one problem for me - they're so good and strong you won't need to replace them for years! But you'll be so happy with them that you'll probably be back for a second pair - and I know your friends and family will all want some.


If you want to look at great alternatives see the SteelBlue ,  Rossi and Baxter styles for excellent quality and value in this class of boot. 


I have retired from selling boots and the url is now for sale (contact me at for genuine enquiries).

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