Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below - a few minutes now could save you a lot of time later and get your feet into a great new pair of Blundstone, Redback or other Australian brand boots quicker!


How do I measure my correct size?

  • Please measure your feet by standing on a piece of paper wearing the socks you expect to be wearing with these boots and put your weight on your feet whilst someone traces your feet using a vertical pencil just touching the edge of your toes and heels. 

  • Then measure the longest distance on the biggest foot and go to my Size Chart 

  • If you know your Euro size (especially Birkenstock), UK size (especially Doc Martens) or your US men's size that would help also as confirmation.  

  • The more of these methods that cross check, the more accurate the result.  Email the seller if there are ANY doubts.  DON'T GUESS!!

  • Remember, Blundstones, etc, unisex styles are in Aussie/UK sizes and the women's styles are in Aussie women's sizes that are similar to US women's sizes (except the half sizes are calculated the same way as the men's are - see below and that Blundstones women's styles run small - see my Size Chart).

  • Even better - are you able to find anywhere that stocks the style you want to try some on?  And, let's be fair - if you like their prices and service then buy your boots there and then. 

  • Also, do you require wide fitting boots?   If so look at the FAQs that relate to your query or read the notes in the Size Chart.

Your Size Chart gives me a different size from another one I have seen.  Which is right?

  • They all need quite a bit of caution and interpretation.  That is why I am happy to answer emailed questions - it can save a lot of time in the long run.  

  • The thing to remember is that they are all somewhat approximate because feet don't come in standard sizes and shapes and neither do shoes and boots.  Some charts are not very accurate at all and be especially wary of any charts that make size conversion look simple - because it isn't!  It is do-able but not simple.

  • There is no national standard anywhere for shoe sizes, let alone an international one so anomalies abound.  I have tried to make my chart as clear as possible but I can't cover every variation.  Email me if unsure or, best of all, try some on.  If you can't find any Blundstones, etc try some UK sized Doc Martens as a rough guide (but remember that Docs tend to be a little narrower than Blundstones - quite similar to Rossis).

  • For US women's sizes, these vary considerably between makers - if you can find out your US men's size that is far more accurate for conversion purposes.

  • Now and again we won't get it right but I will do my very best for you and my track record is pretty good according to my many satisfied customers!

I need a half size - how do I work out the conversion?

  • Half sizes needs a bit of checking due to the different way Aussie and US sizes progress through the sizes.  Australian boots are ALWAYS marked in UK/AU sizes regardless of where they are sold.

  • An Aussie (UK) half size is a wide fitting version of the full number size whereas a US half size is half way between the two full numbers and you then differentiate width by the letter fitting system (D, E etc). (Baxter Boots [and some Rossis] are different, though as their half sizes are genuinely half way between the nearest full size, both in length and width, and do not have different width fittings,)

  • So, for example, a US 10 1/2 could convert to anywhere between 9 and 10 1/2 Aussie size.

  • However, it isn't as hard as it seems, so bear with me!  What you need to determine is if your toes are almost at the end of your US shoes or if there is plenty of spare room.  If there is plenty, a 9 or 9 1/2 will be OK but if your toes are right at the end of your shoes then, except for Baxters or some Rossis, you need to go up to 10 or 10 1/2.  

  • A Blundstone 500 series (or Baxter) standard fit is about a D so if that is OK then stay with the whole number, 9 or 10.  If you need an E or wider in Blundstone then go for the half size, 9 1/2 or 10 1/2.

  • A Blundstone 200 or 550 or any *Redback is wider (standard is about DD to DDD, half size is EE) and most Rossis are narrower (standard is about CC and half size is about DDD) - the Blundstone 059/063 are similar in width to the 500 in the middle of the foot but become noticeably narrower towards the tapered toes which make the total length longer than other Blundstones as a result. SteelBlues are the widest of all the boots I sell and are unsuitable for very narrow feet (standard is E and half size is about EEE).

  • * Redbacks do not always FEEL wider though as they have higher arch support which takes up some of the space.

  • Please contact the seller if you need any further help or just find this all too confusing!​

I have a wide foot - what do I order?

Australian/UK wide fitting sizes are half sizes in most (but not quite all) styles.  So an 8 1/2 is usually the same length as an 8 but fits a wider foot.
Read the question about 'half sizes' to learn more about this.

Are the steel toe capped boots approved as Safety Boots?

Australian Safety Boot specifications are amongst the most stringent in the world but apply legally only in Australia and New Zealand. Most other countries have their own rules and specifications which may differ from Australia's.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Steel toe capped or other 'safety' shoes and boots sold in Australia are not guaranteed by ME to comply with any non-Australian safety specifications and should be used only as general purpose footwear and never used in 'safety' situations outside Australia.  You should check the relevant manufacturer's AUSTRALIAN website to see any claims that they may make separately to me in this regard. You should verify this is correct if this is an issue for you. 


Do you sell boots?

I have done so for about 18 years so know a thing or two about them. I no longer do so but am happy to share my knowledge with you.

I have retired from selling boots and the url bootsaustralia.com is now for sale (contact me at mick@bootsaustralia.com for genuine enquiries).


Are all the boots you mention made in Australia?

It is actually sometimes hard to define how many are as some are defined as 'made in Australia' but use imported soles and other parts and others (more and more it is fair to say) are fully imported but designed and manufactured to Australian specifications. My experience is that reputable manufacturers are all very strict on quality control and, despite hearing horror stories about imports (fake news or just occasional bad luck??) I have not witnessed any lowering of end quality in this process.
Unfortunately, with comparative costs being what they are, it is tempting for manufacturers of all sorts of things to source items from low cost countries.  This is an ongoing process and manufacturers are often coy about such details so I cannot guarantee that my information is always up to date.



Why did the chicken cross the road?

Just checking you're still with me!


To buy a new pair of great Aussie boots, of course!.....Chickens aren't too smart though and I reckon this one was a bit of a turkey! - it could have stayed at home and bought eggsactly the same boots from some sellers with an online perchase for chicken feed compared to what it paid at the store over the road. Don't make the same fowl mistake!


I have retired from selling boots and the url bootsaustralia.com is now for sale (contact me at mick@bootsaustralia.com for genuine enquiries).

I have retired from selling boots and the url bootsaustralia.com is now for sale (contact me at mick@bootsaustralia.com for genuine enquiries).

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