Please read the notes below before making a final decision on sizes.  

This page is an guide to help you through the somewhat confusing world of international boot and shoe size conversions.  There are some anomalies and approximations involved so there is never going to be 100% certainty until the footwear meets your foot but my chart should help.   The more checks you make the more likely you are to get it right.


Nothing works better than trying a pair on for size and if that is a possibility for you I strongly recommend it. 
I have updated some of this information from my previous chart after studying feedback from customers.  I believe my chart is more accurate for Aussie style boot sales than those on most other websites but as so many variables are in play I cannot promise you will always get the right answer in every case.  Always ask the seller if in doubt or in need of advice.
This information applies only to leather boots - other styles such as sheepskin boots follow different rules sometimes.
Australian boots are ALWAYS marked in Australian sizes regardless of where they are sold. 

Australian Men's sizes are the same as UK unisex sizes except some UK manufacturers now use a width system similar to the US system.

Australian women's sizes are usually the same as most US women's sizes but can sometimes run small.  Half sizes usually work the same way as the unisex size (see below).  This is complicated because there are two different US women's sizing systems.  I am quoting the 'Common' system that is the most popular but some companies use the rival FIA system that has a size about one number bigger than the size I quote for the same size shoe. 

Blundstone's Women's Specific Styles (not the Unisex styles)are almost a size smaller than most US /Australian women's sizes so are in a separate column in my chart.

There are variations between UK men's and women's sizes in some brands - if in doubt assume my chart refers to a generous fitting UK Men's size.

Australian and UK half sizes are the same length as full sizes but are wide fitting versions EXCEPT FOR BAXTERS (and some Rossis) WHICH USE REAL HALF SIZES (half way in length and width between the nearest full sizes).  If you wear US half sizes and there is not much spare room for your toes in your US shoes then go one complete size above the one shown in the chart and then consider if you need wide (half size) or regular (full size) and adjust the result as necessary.

Canadian sizes are the same as US sizes and New Zealand sizes are same as Australian.  South Africa uses UK sizes.

To measure foot length it is important to always measure in the same way to get the same results.  To get the results shown in my chart get someone to trace your feet (with vertical pencil touching your heels and toes) and measure longest distance on your longest foot, whilst you stand with your full weight on your feet.  You need to be wearing similar socks to the ones you will wear with your boots.  If the measuring results you get are 'in between' go up a size.

A Blundstone 500 series (or Baxter) standard fit is about an American D and half size Blundstone is about an E except for wide fitting styles.  A Blundstone 200 or 550 or any Redback* is wider (standard is about DD to DDD, half size is EE) and most Rossis are narrower (standard is about CC and half size is about DDD). The Blundstone 059/063 are similar in width to the 500 in the middle of the foot but become noticeably narrower towards the tapered toes which make the total length longer than other Blundstones as a result.  SteelBlues are the widest of all the boots I sell and are unsuitable for very narrow feet (standard is E and half size is about EEE .


*Redbacks do not always FEEL as wide though as they have high arch support under the foot that takes up some of the space.). 

There is no such thing as standard shoe sizes anywhere and in all systems there can be variations in size between manufacturers and even between styles from the same maker.

There is certainly no such thing as a standard foot shape.  Your feet are as individual as you are!


You also may need to read Why Size Really Does Matter and my FAQ Page.


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