Some background information

Anybody who has spent a long shift walking or standing on concrete floors, road surfaces, an airport tarmac or a mining site wearing heavy and uncomfortable safety boots will tell you how much of an asset good boots can be.


Cheap boots can be a liability, both in terms of cost, lost productivity and also in terms of safety and comfort.


Podiatrists have also become much more vocal in recent times and are urging workers to pay closer attention to their safety boots.

When you wear cutting edge SteelBlue footwear you will experience:

  • Significant reductions of shock forces to the feet, knees, hips and lower back.

  • Greater comfort.

  • Reduced risk of injury to the feet and lower body.

  • Ongoing protection to aid the recovery of damaged or inflamed joints.

  • Improved flexibility of the sole.

  • Lighter weight.


Steel Blue footwear is now supplied to many leading companies who realize the importance of issuing their workforce with good quality, high comfort footwear.


SteelBlue is not just a boot with a hardened protective cap for your toes (optional in some styles) it’s a complete occupational, health and safety device that protects the whole foot, reduces fatigue and promotes well being all through the working day.


Sounds good doesn't it?  It is!


And SteelBlues are especially suitable for wider feet.


The company receives hundreds of testimonial letters and emails from satisfied customers who confirm that Steel Blue is the most comfortable safety footwear they have ever worn.


To confirm Steel Blue is the most comfortable safety boot on the market every pair is sold with a "30 Day Money Back Comfort Guarantee" - not only does SteelBlue look after your feet they also look after your hard earned cash. If you're not totally satisfied with the comfort you will get the purchase cost of your boots back.


Take the challenge - try them! 


Remember - if they aren't comfortable SteelBlue give you your money back! 


WATER RESISTANT!  SteelBlue footwear uses a range of soft, durable, supple high quality water resistant leathers that conform to the shape of the foot quickly in order to provide better fitting footwear which normally does not require "breaking in".


UPPER LININGS - All Steel Blue styles have internal upper linings that are made from a variety of high quality materials that quickly wick perspiration away from the foot leaving the skin cool and dry.  Materials selected are soft and smooth to protect the skin of the foot from chaffing and blistering.

 Please see SteelBlue's Australian website .


Please note production of SteelBlue boots is mostly in Indonesia.  The company's quality control is famously thorough and faults are almost unheard of.   


Note: STEELBLUES are just about as wide a fit as you will find - and half number sizes are even wider!   If in doubt choose the full number size not the half size. 


I have retired from selling boots and the url is now for sale (contact me at for genuine enquiries).

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